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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Biography of Shoes

Loving shoes whilst blogging means looking out for new designs and designers. Discovering Pol Engels, designer of what is so far a little known brand from Belgium called Biography, has been an interesting experience. He describes his shoes as 'a representation of someone's life', born with the desire to be as unique and individual as possible. Started in 2006, the Italian-made shoes are especially designed to emphasise the quirkiness, the magic and the distinctiveness of the wearer. That is quite a statement which I feel explains so much about why and how women choose the shoes they wear on their feet.

Pol Engels graduated at the Antwerp Fashion Academy together with fellow students Martin Margiela, Dries Van Nooten and Ann de Meulemeester. In the years after his graduation he built a solid reputation as an artist and designed costumes for theatre maker Jan Fabre.

Pol Engels in his showroom
Those in the know in Belgium, appreciate that the designer is more of an artist who's not so much into promoting his brand as he is into creating fantasy shoes, even though he's had the opportunity to show them off on a large scale - in collaboration with Galliano and Martin Margiella.

The brand is called 'Biography by Engels-Strijbol'. Biography in fact consists of a designer duo, namely Pol Engels and Katrien Strijbol who is also the co founder of the lovely fashion label 'Just in case'.

Biography shoes are not for sale in shops but through presentations. During these presentations you can try the shoes and have the shoes of your choice made to order. This way of working gives you the chance to order designer shoes at a reasonable price. Pol also designs amazing dance shoes for those who like Tango and Salsa!

Here is where you can find more Biography shoes to enjoy...