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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Questions in the Post

And so, Christmas is over and with great anticipation we all count the last hours of the old year and wait to welcome in a new one, all hoping it will be better, happier, healthier, brighter, kinder, lovelier, and wealthier all round. Sure enough, my only credo is to be thankful for all that lands on my lap and on that of my loved ones and providence just takes care of the rest.

Now, I got this bee in my bonnet to ask all you faithful followers and new visitors to this blog a wee little question..... it's all about vintage shopping. If, like myself, you enjoy vintage shops, vintage fashion, all things vintage... then you love vintage whether you unearth it at a jumble sale or whether you find it neatly hanging in an upmarket vintage shop.

But what do vintage lovers really look out for when they're out vintage shopping for fashion wear?

Here are my questions.... share your answers with the rest of us....

1. What do you look out for when shopping for vintage fashion?
2. What impresses you most in a vintage clothes shop?
3. What and where is the most fantastic vintage shop you ever visited?  Why?
4. What must a vintage shop have if it's to be exciting enough to visit again and again?
5. What do you hate in vintage shops?
6. What would make vintage clothes shopping easier for you?

As for myself..... I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who passed by this blog, those who follow it, those whose comments I have received and cherished over the past month or so since this blog was born.

I wish you a great final few days for 2009 and a fantastic start to 2010. All best wishes to you and yours...

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Sharon S said...

Hi there-I do love vintage, but rather than sourcing it from a specialised vintage shop, I prefer to look for it from the thrift (charity) shops, flea markets and boot sales. For me, the thrill is expecting the unexpected-I'm sure a lot of pure vintage sellers know their labels and will have priced them accordingly-I love to find a bargain, LOL!! Last week I found a gorgeous silk Zandra Rhodes scarf, I'll do a post on it soon but I don't think its vintage, not sure! Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous 2010 my dear!!