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Monday, April 19, 2010

Up or Down

Check those hemlines.
They go up, they go down. And sometimes they go way up or way down or just fluctuate somewhere in the middle.

The bonus of being vintage fashion lovers is that we get forgiven for wearing our hemlines any length we fancy. I mean hems go up and down according to the era we tend to prefer. But then again, fashion this year says we can do just about anything we fancy where hemlines are concerned.

These are some of the items from my vintage collection of fashion. I fell in love with the peach floral dress because it is delicate in colour and in texture. Most of it is handmade with a lovely underskirt that shows of handmade lace detail too. The skirt is pressed slightly and the sleeves are tied up with a ribbon. Late 1970s.

The black skirt and green blouse are 80s although the skirt is reminiscent of the 50s both in style and in texture.

The red/white floral shift dress is the perfect summer dress from the early 70s.

The paisly designed secretary dress comes from the early 80s although the hand made leather bag derives probably from the 70s. I am not that sure about that.

The navy ankle-length culottes are exceptional in their pressing and fall elegantly around the legs. YOu can only tell they're not a skirt when you're standing with legs apart. 1980s again. What's your ideal hemline like?


Cyndi said...

Oooo, I love that peach floral dress! Simply beautiful. I really don't have a preference as far as hem lines go, although since I'm now in my early 50's, I tend to stay away from anything too short! LOL!!! I really like to wear Bohemian-type longer skirts with t-shirts and flat sandals - fun and comfortable in the summer!



Unknown said...

Im a knee length skirt / dress person for the summer with longer underskirts, petticoats for the winter. Summers coming.... x

Francy said...

I LOVE the peach floral dress. Lately I've been loving longer lengths. So sleek and elegant!


Good Girls Studio said...

I'm a short skirt gal most days but lately I've been eying the longer one's as they are bit less "tart" ;)

jill said...

long and twirly... the best!

I recently found the perfect skirt (black and brown tie-dyed light weight jersey knit, with about a 100" hem, length = mid-calf) I am having a hard time not wearing it everyday.

Frollein von Sofa said...

Hi there ! I am so happy that you like the brooch ! Can't wait to see pictures. Kisses from Berlin, Frollein