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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Krizia - inspiration from art

One of the Italian designers who openly admitted being inspired directly from art is Krizia. The brand was born from Mariuccia Mandelli who kicked off her working career as a teacher in the 1950s. Then in 1954 she dropped everything to follow a bee in her bonnet - that of designing clothes. 1954 saw the birth of Krizia.  In 1957 sdhe presented her first collection in Torino and in 1964 shows off her fashion at Palazzo Pitti and receives the fashion critic award.
Krizia's fashion was inspired by the art of varied artists, ranging from Calder's sculpture (1982 collection); Kandinskij's paintings (1983 collection); Anloln Pevsner's constructivism (1988 collection).

Here is a fantastic 1991-1992 autumn/winter Krizia outfit with 'bejewelled' embroidery inspired by the great Gustav Klimt...

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