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Monday, June 14, 2010

A trip to Fairyland

This is the first drawing I saw by a young Italian artist called Valentina. The detail and the softness are impressive as is the colour which is strong yet not at all gaudy. Beautiful indeed. Then I found something else that tantalised me to include this artist on my blog of vintage fashion and art...this small watercolour was definitely showing an interesting detail of vintage costume... very vintage in fact!

Although Valentina likes to create art that is inclined towards a young audience, I was tempted to do a post about her art, because of its delicate quality and its fairytale touch. We may be grown ups but we all like to daydream and waft off into fairyland every so often. Valentina says,

"My name on Etsy is Caid, but in reality y real name is Valentina. I was born in Savigliano, Italy on May 15, 1987. I studied art at Alba and then followed with studies in graphic art at Urbino. I now live in Bologna where I am specialising in illustrations for publications, studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti. My dream is to se emy illustrations published in a children's book and perhaps to one day become an author myself."


Valentina Capellino said...

Thank you very much:). Mi fanno molto piacere le cose che hai scritto su di me, sei gentile^^!

Sharon S said...

Hi my dear!! What a talented young lady, her art is simply stunning!! Thanks for your lovely comment too, wishing you a good week ahead!