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Monday, July 26, 2010

LilyLemontree and Bags

Today I am bringing you a guest post from LilyLemontree, a fellow blogger with the most fantastic blog. As we are both vintage fashion lovers we have exchanged posts and whilst I wrote on her blog about vintage scarves (one of my vast collections), she is writing her about vintage bags...... Over to you, LilyLemontree....

"As a big fan of all things vintage, I was extremely honoured when our lovely host here at FairyFiligree asked me to do a guest post. I never need more than a little nudge to start rambling on about my obsession with vintage fashion and in particular, delightful vintage handbags.

Now for most, the mere mention of ‘vintage handbag’ will conjure up glorious images of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and of course Hermes, but my quest for a unique vintage handbag occasionally leads me down some lesser known and quite frankly, more affordable paths.

Hermes Birkin

Regardless of the brand name, a beautiful vintage handbag, much like a vintage scarf or shoes, can define your style in a most unique way, always keeping you safe from showing up somewhere and seeing the handbag you are sporting on another women. Although many of these vintage handbags can stand alone on aesthetic value, a vast selection of these purses are extremely well made, something not so easily found in this day and age and can last far beyond their years with gentle care. Sturdy handles and materials of fabulous quality can lead productive lives for decades, increasing the desirability of these bags for many of us.

Surprisingly, my first vintage handbag purchase was only a few years ago. I had been invited to a wedding and while I had already chosen an outfit for the occasion, my selection of evening bags just didn’t fit with the frock that I had in mind.

While out shopping around for a new evening bag, I happened upon a little vintage shop and there in the display window, staring me in the face, was the most delightful crimson beaded clutch I had ever laid my eyes on. I quickly ran in and snapped up the little lovely, knowing that this was the perfect accessory for my dress. The frock was a beauty on its own but I must say that as lovely as I looked in it (yes, I am a modest one, aren’t I?), the star of the show was my gorgeous vintage clutch which received more compliments that night then I ever expected. One comment I heard over and over again that evening was ‘I have never seen anything like that before’ and since I love to be as original as I can be, I was hooked!

Since that night, I find myself increasing my vintage handbag collection at every opportunity that presents itself to me. A 1950’s lizard skin tote, a 1930’s satin evening clutch, a 1960’s wicker box bag, all lovely little additions to my much-admired collection which continues to grow every year. Hopefully, I have inspired you to start your own quest for a unique vintage bag to call your own but please be kind and leave a few gems behind for me!"


JMW said...

Great post! I love vintage handbags, especially the beaded and jeweled evening bags from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. So great!

Karen Roderick said...

I do handbags. I dream of a Chanel or a Hermes...and I mean dream! Karen.

Kimmy said...

The absolute beauty in these portable pieces of art is their ability to remain classic and on point with each and every occasion they happen to be a guest.
Lily your choices in handbags are exquisite, as we have come to expect.
Lovely enlightening post, cheers!

Anonymous said...

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