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Thursday, August 12, 2010

In favour of dresses

Mixing and matching fashion styles seems to be the epitome of style but when it comes to easy, practical living, nothing beats the simplicity of a dress. You just slip it on and you're done - then it's just the accessories which you can wear or not, dress up or down according to whim or mood. So, I've decided, that as from this summer I'm not buying any more separates but sticking to dresses instead. Here is where I got some inspiration....


Sharon S said...

Hi there-lovely picks, the swing dress is my favourite! x

Good Girls Studio said...

I have a closet full of dresses & skirts...& here I am, 12:15 in the afternoon still in my pj's ...hahaha :)

Unknown said...

Yes I agree...dresses are the best. I love to wear them and they make you feel pretty and even act a little prettier I think.
In the garden I don't wear them, but they would make for great comfort out there.
You asked how I do it all (in the garden)? I loved the question...because it is all very hard work, but because I love it so, it seems a little easier. Sometimes, I don't mind Winter coming too much though, because it gives me a good long break. It's funny though...I usually spend the whole Winter planning the next years garden.LOL

Unknown said...

I rarely wear dresses or skirts. It just doesn't fit it with my day. at least thats how I feel. I think a change is in order and a few dresses must be bought and worn. Lucyxx

SWriter said...

Hi I'm over here from advanced style. I like this dress idea; my problem is finding the right shoes to go with them especially during the fall and winter months.

Anyway I'm not sure where to put this; but you asked a question about expressing yourself without looking "insane".

I think style is just as much mental as physical. You finally get to the point of knowing who you are and what you like; and when that comes through loud and clear I don't think you feel people will be looking at you as an insane person. Who needs the type of people?

I think bringing something refreshing to the eye is exhilirating and I think that is what folks might be feeling but you interpret as "insane". It may be that they wish they could or would do what you're doing.

I think you can still show your style and be tasteful with it. I would start off spending a week determining what looks good on me and then in my mind form a "formulaic look" and then start demonstrating this with different appealing colors and accessories.

This post on "dresses" could be the beginning. Perhaps your dresses could reflect your interest in filligree done with jewelry, scarves and other accessories.

Let me know what you think and put some pictures up.

Glad to meet ya!

Anonymous said...

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