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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cold Weekends Ahoy!

File:Madison Square After the Rain Paul Cornoyer.jpg
Madison Square After the Rain by Paul Cornoyer (1864-1923) -  circa 1900

So we're in for the cold, at least those of us living on this side of the hemisphere. I found this painting of Madison Square, where I've never been before but which I'd like to vist one day. I find it especially lovely - the colours, the setting, the atmosphere. You can actually feel the wet, don't you think?
And it got me thinking of these cold afternoons which await us. Especially long winter afternoons on a weekend. Yesterday was just such a day here. Dull, bleak, overcast, wet and dark. For somebody used to sunshine and basking in it all year round, just one day like that can get on my nerves. As I drove somewhere on an errand I'd rather not have had, I wondered how some people can actually claim to enjoy overcast weather. If it were windy, perhaps I'd enjoy a walk on the cliffs or on the seafront. Nothing like some high wind to get your adrenalin flowing. But when it's calm and bleak.... not even some thunder or lightening to liven up the works... then it's utterly boring. But hey, we need the rain here, so one has to be thankful. It definitely brightened up my car which was screaming out for a wash!

Which gets me thinking - what does one do on a bleak afternoon, on a Sunday afternoon especially when the world seems to halt and hold still, waiting for the energetic rush of a Monday morning? Ok, we could blog, we could read, watch the telly. But if there's nothing doing? Recently I went through some old boxes stores away somewhere and unearthed the most extraordinary things I'd completely forgotten I still possessed.

By the way, does anybody know where this painting is found? I researched some about this artist who was born in St Louis, Missouri and painted in the Impressionistic style, at times going into Pointillism. Have seen some of his paintings on the web and they all seem to be about bleak weather. Did he like it that much or did he paint is so often to fill his bleak Sunday afternoons?


Sharon S said...

Hi there-for a change, we had a glorious sunny afternoon, unusual for October! A lovely post too, have a good week ahead! x

Bethany Dirksen said...

I think the mood of this painting is especially interesting because they portray a very wet day, but instead of using cold, grey colors, they use warm oranges.

I just stumbled upon you blog for the first time and thought I would say hello. I am also a blogger about the world of art, but in a somewhat different way than you. I write about my own artwork some, but mostly topics and issues that are relevant for today's artist.

Anyway, hope to see you around the blogging community more in the future!