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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Perfect Shoes

by Oana Fuica - Shoes Designer

What is your idea of the perfect shoes?
I am still looking out for the perfect pair that will match most outfits, will feel comfortable, will be supremely fashionable, will be stylish and fun.
Perhaps that is why most women have dozens on shoes in their closet and they are never enough.
You can't solve the dilemma by having one black pair. Unlike the little black dress, that one black pair won't match everything in your wardrobe. You need a black pair for work, another for the evening, one with heels, a pair of flats. Then you probably need a pair that is good enough to endure water when it's raining so suede and soft leather are out.
You need black boots for when it's really cold and one flat pair is not good enough because then you can't wear them with your longer denims can you?
And what about the style? Hunky wedges won't match that dainty number you're wearing out to dinner tonight and those stilettos are too high to totter into town for your next shopping spree.
Vintage fashion came up with the shoe clips.
I guess that was one quick-fix solution to re-create the black shoe into something different every day.
What is your idea of the perfect shoes?
Is there a brand you prefer to others & why?


Sharon S said...

Hi there-I must admit I love boots and sandals more than shoes, although I am beginning to invest in more. I love metallics in shoes and sandals, they are so versatile and really dress a look up for anytime of day x

Pearl Westwood said...

My perfect shoes are the gazillion pairs I have in my wardrobe!! having just one pair would be no fun at all! I could never choose just one favourite that would be like asking a mother to choose between her children! My fav brands are Vivienne Westwood and Chanel, well worth a months rent of anyones money!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous illustrations, those shoes are absolutely stunning.. I want to see their colors and arch in real life!


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