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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Clothes of many Colours

Taking direct inspiration from a very favourite song of mine - Coat of Many Colours by Dolly Parton, I am referring to clothes of many colours - all the ones in my and your wardrobe. How many colours are there in yours?
First of all, my wardrobe is divided in colours... at least I try to organise it by colours - from black through to white with all the other colours in between including colour combinrations that can mould and blend.
The clothes in this picture are just some frok my vintage collection. Some have already become owned by other vintage lovers, others linger on....
Some pick their colours very carefully, only wearing a very minimal range of colours all year round.
Then there are those who wear one-colour dress only. Colour analysts claim that one-colour dressing is great to get you noticed, to make you look slimmer and to make your life that much simpler... then again, if you decide to wear red..... not all reds are the same, there is cherry red, crimson, ruby red, vermillion....
And what about blues? navy, royal, powder.....
My favourite colour?
To have around me.... definitely yellow.
To wear.... all shades of purple and lilac.
To wish I could wear effectively.... green which is not always my best friend.
To make me stand out, always...... red.
To make me feel alive..... turquoise.
To leave aside most days... pink.
To make me look washed out - white and shades of light brown.
And then it depends on the colour of my skin.... if I'm in winter, I tend to look better in some colours than in others which are my favourites in summer.
How does colour work for?

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Sharon S said...

Hi there!! I tend to put my wardrobe into jackets, skirts and dresses order rather than colour. My favourite colours are black, red and most definitely patterns of colour!! Have a great week x