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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Going back to colours

It's officially colour-time again. As spring-time is well and truly here, I can't but help feeling excited about wearing real colours again. Now you might ask... what's to stop her from wearing colours even in winter? Why does winter always have to be about wearing boring, staid, depressing colour?
Have tried to shake off the feeling of un-enthusiasm where winter clothes are concerned, and I honestly need to find a way and a means to do that come next season. Perhaps it's because shops seem to automatically switch to 'winter' colours leaving behind the fund and the joy of pure colour fun to spring and summer.
Today, I found some time to re-shuffle my wardrobe contents and I must admit that the experiment which took place last season where I had decided to organise my hanging clothes by item rather than by colour, has well and truly failed to inspire me.
So, I have re-shuffled blacks with blacks, blues with blues, purples with purples, reds with reds, etc, etc and already my wardrobe contents are making real sense.
At a glance I could pick out three or four outfits ready to be ironed and pressed for wearing during the coming weekend.
Now I am starting to re-evaluate what I have ready to wear for summer and am eager to get myself some new stuff. I have been eyeing Etsy shops to get inspiration and boy, is there a lot out there!!


Sharon S said...

Hi there-a very inspiring post, I also do my wardrobe by item rather than colour and nothing is better than shopping your own wardrobe! Have a lovely weekend x

Sharon S said...

Oops, I re-read you've done yours by colour coding which works well for you, but I like mine in item order!!

Fashionistable said...

Looks like your spring/summer colour palette is going to be fun. Xxxx

Arlette said...

Fortunately, I do not have the problem of shuffling summer/winter clothing around due to weather changes. I organized my closet the same way you ended up doing...by color. I think it works well that way too! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I plan to use my altered dress form as a decoration in my craft room. Thanks for asking!