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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Five Vintage Yellow Essentials to pack in luggage

So you're planning a vacation.
And you love vintage.
And you want to stay stylish even on a wardrobe tucked in a suitcase.
Here are 5 vital vintage essentials to take along.
Especially if, like myself, you love yellow...

1. Vintage Scarf
Keeps head cool in sun;
Keeps head warm in wind;
Keeps neck warm in cold;
Keeps pants up when elastic breaks on you;
Keeps dull tee jazzed out;
Tuck under face when napping on a bus/coach/airplane;
Keep out light when trying to nap on a bus/coach/airplane;
Use to dry hands when there's no hand dryer in the restroom;
2. Vintage coin purse
Keeps coins together;
Keeps coins handy;
Saves you from diving to bottom of bag to retrieve coins;
Easy to tuck safely into small pockets;
3. Vintage sunglasses
Keeps eyes shaded;
Keeps you looking fabulous even after too many late nights in a row;
Keeps eyes shaded when you've obviously been losing sleep;
Keeps you looking cool through all vacation;
4. Vintage pin
Keeps boring tee looking perky;
Great to add to hat;
Great to keep vintage scarf in place;
Great to keep blouse closed against the wind;
Great as a conversation starter;
Great to use to wake up comatose travelling partner;
5. Vintage dress
which is baggy, comfy;
 doesn't need ironing;
has ample pockets;
can wear over leggings;
can wear open over another outfit.
couples with all accessories.


Pearl Westwood said...

These are great tips every girl should follow!

Perdita Tinsel said...

I love those - yep, I tend to pack all of them too!

Another favourite for me when travelling is a 60s baker-boy cap or cashmere beany: weatherproof, bad-hair-hiding, dressed up with the pin or down as needed. I have quite a collection!

Sharon S said...

Hi my dear-top tips indeed, a girl always needs a vintage dress on her travels! Have a great week x