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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Cameo laced with Maltese Filigree

This incredibly beautiful cameo was recently embellished and turned into a fantastic brooch by Maltese filigree maker Charles Gerada. The 'frame' surrounding the cameo, which is reminiscent of 19th Century jewellery fashions, is in fact surrounded by a very delicate frame of Maltese filigree in gold and it is all worked by hand. 

See more Maltese filigree here and more cameos here and here


Deborah said...

Hi, there is a small surprise for you on my blog! Enjoy!

Jamie said...

What a gorgeous piece! I used to have quite a collection of unique cameos! I love the "frame" on this one!


Matthew Spade said...

how wonderful, it's been given a whole new lease of life.

cheers, glad you enjoyed my last post. we it's hard to avoid clothes made in 3rd world countries, that's just the way it is

Prisla Buah said...

That is an amazing piece like the details a lot

Life's a shoe said...

this is a beautiful cameo!