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Friday, March 30, 2012

A Ring from Bali

A few days ago I received a package delivered to my doorstep by DHL. It contained the loveliest ring which arrived to me all the way from distant Bali and Java. I purchased it via NOVICA an online shopping site which, in association with National Geographic, works directly with thousands of master artisans in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This helps bring these artisans' beautiful creations and their stories, to collectors worldwide.
My ring was made by Putu Putri who, "Inspired by my family's spirit and their great support, I decided to venture on my own and design sterling silver jewelry in both traditional and modern styles."

The ring is called 'Comet' and includes faceted garnets on .925 sterling silver. It came in its own lovely box accompanied by a little descriptive ticket, order details and a lovely miniature postcard showing a Balinese dancer ..... NOVICA have a really efficient service - the ring only took a few days to reach me on my island in the Med.... great service!..... & absolutely stunning ring....

View more special Novica items here:


Ulla-Marie said...

I believe we share taste in art, so i want to tell you about this artist from Sweden

Mimi said...

that ring is so pretty and so unique! :)

<3, Mimi
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The Creative Bohemian said...

Really pretty! Love the red stones.


Unknown said...

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Prisla Buah said...

love that ring the color is so fun

Simitras Exquisite Things said...

Love all the vintage clothing and old photos.

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