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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Flower Pins Lady

Stumbling upon new shops on Etsy is always great fun especially when the sellers specialise in something very particular. Meeting Janice Pope of Nana Joy proved to be a learning experience and a visual experience as well.....I mean take a look at these beauties!

Here is what Janice says......."I became fascinated with vintage jewelry about 10 years ago. I started out with rhinestone brooches and then stumbled into the enamel flowers just this past winter. We live in the Ohio Valley and we are known for long stretches of grey days. I'm okay without the sun as long as I have color in my life. The flowers added color and design that I need. Whimsey and fun is the bonus!

I'm 53 and I can remember seeing people wear the flower brooches when I was little. I was 10 in 1968, although I don't have any real experience with the 60's I can remember a lot of newscasts, fads and phrases. I was captivated by the "flower children" and the way the girls wore daisy wreathes in their hair. 

Turns out flower brooches came out in the 40's. Their popularity peeked in the 60's. For the most part they were tucked away by the early 70's and have just been reborn in popularity in the last year."

"I love God's creation all around me. I'm fascinated by how beautiful our world really is. The flowers are a reflection of His creativity."

"I have an immense collection of vintage costume jewelry. I am working towards having three Etsy sites, each with a different speciality. So yes, everyday I have on vintage pieces, but I mix it up. Today is definitely a flower day. I have a new Lisner flower in pink. It sure is a pretty little thing. I have to show it off!"

"In October of last year I retired from dog grooming and I was lost. I didn't have a clear direction as to what was next. My husband and I have owned businesses for the last 25 years. I don't think I know how to function without having a business. 
At Christmas I was choosing a variety of vintage brooches for myself and the business was born out of that. I was having a great time searching for the perfect next piece. I kept searching and purchasing and NanaJoy was born out of that. 

I love this new phase in my life. I continue to learn about the designers and their particular styles. I am learning that I love the full scope of vintage jewelry. I have a business I am actively a part of and there is a completeness in that for me."


Rachel Parrish said...

I also love vintage jewelry. Her pieces are completely unique. Her site is fabulous and and has such variety. An excellent choice when looking for "that perfect piece".

sparklingblackrose said...

Gorgeous spotlighted items :-)) Thank you for your kind words on my etsy treasury about my crafts-i really appreciate it :-)) Have a lovely weekend p.s I am now a follower :-)) Best Wishes, Elaine xxx

Prisla Buah said...

love all the pins y favorite is the 4th one :)

mispapelicos said...

How lovely to see you, and all those vintage treasures.

Witchcrafted Life said...

How delightfully lovely to see both you and so many charming, beautiful vintage brooches. These pins are oodles of fun - so cheerful and summery, what gal wouldn't want a garden of them in her jewelry box? :)

♥ Jessica