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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Small Fancy Houses

Meet Maya Baron and her houses. This artist based on the Mediterranean island of Malta is presently showing her works at the beautiful Messina Palace in the main city of Valletta. I asked her to share more of her artistic experience.

"I got in touch with painting some eight years ago while I was still living in Austria. I painted some colourful houses on a wooden board and people who came to visit liked them very much. When I moved to Malta I met an artist and she was kind enough to share her knowledge and techniques in abstract acrylic painting with me.

So, today I do both - my Small Fancy Houses which need a lot of precise and concentrated work, and abstract art where I experiment with acrylic colours and other medium. I paint mainly on canvas and wooden boards.

Painting takes my mind into a different dimension of peace, quietness and love, and I am very happy to hear the feedback of people who claim that they feel and see this in my art."

More Maya Baron Small Fancy Houses can be viewed at the German-Maltese Circle,Messina Palace, 141 St Christopher Street, Valletta until Ocotober 31,  2013, 

Opening hours are from Monday -Friday 08:00hrs -12:30hrs and 16:30hrs - 20:00hrs. Saturdays morning only.

Find out more about this artist here.

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