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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How much is too much? - Part 2

In  my previous post I introduced Lynn Dell. 
Somebody asked me her age and I told them... she's a glorious 75+ and enjoying it.
She came to my blog curious to see what I wrote about Josephine Baker as she  had eaten at her restaurant as well as visited a museum in Mexico which is dedicated to Josephine Baker.

But off we went at a tangent, so we steered our long-distance conversation back to the topic at hand -
Jewellery - how much is too much?
Lynn Dell says,
"I consider myself an artist more than anything else. When I put together my experience in my shop Off Broadway Boutique which I've had for 42 years now here in Manhattan, apart from the six stores I've had along the way, I have learnt that the way things sell most is to put more of the same together in the window.
So if I'm focusing on brown, I will include lots of different shades of brown jewllery together. It is all about making a statement.
My advice tips are these:

- If your clothes are simple with beautiful lines, they are the perfect background. You can go ahead and add the sparkle with your jewellery.

- Choose a theme; balance colour and texture.

- Forget the busy background - the simpler the background created with your clothes, the better to show your jewellery.

- Nothing is 'wrong'. You are allowed to make a statment but....

- Some people cannot wear big jewellery yet...

- Too much can be wonderful.

-I break all the rules myself but ultimately...
 I don't believe in fashion... I believe in style.

- Fashion says ME TOO; Style says ONLY ME!

- As you grow older everything should go up to fight gravity and this includes earrings. 90% of the earrings I sell at my shop are clip-back earrings - so that's a hint for the older ladies.

-Dress for the theatre of your life."

Off Broadway Boutique also has a back-of-store collection of designer and vintage wear which you'd like to visit when you're in NY City. And if you're after fantastic jewellery - you'll see the biggest collection of jewellery in any one store in the whole of NY City at Lynn Dell's shop.

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Pearl Westwood said...

"Fashion says ME TOO; Style says ONLY ME!" I absolutely love this quote!