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Friday, May 27, 2011

How much is too much?

You probably adore jewellery just as much as I do. I've got tons of it, most of which I wear regularly. Most of my friends always look out to see what I'm wearing and remark that I'm always wearing the most unique pieces.

As I have said before, for me, jewellery is wearable art.
Sometimes when I'm planning an outfit, I like to think of what jewellery I'll be complimenting it with and even when I'm actually finalising my outfit in front of the mirror, I sometimes downsize the amount of jewellery I wear because I prefer to go for a couple of unique items rather than tons of the stuff all at one go.
Still I always marvel at those who can happily wear and carry off huge amounts of jewellery without seeming over the top.

Lynn Dell photographed by Chris Clinton

And as I planned out this post, I thought.... Lynn Dell. Ms Dell is one fine lady I found out about through the wonderful blog Advanced Style.
She runs a boutique in New York called Off Broadway Boutique.
Although I have never been to NYC, I did manage to get to know Ms Dell a bit better through a long and interesting transoceanic phone calle during which she shared some of her glamour tips and style ideas.
Coming up in a post soon, you will get to read my interview with MS Dell
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the nyanzi report said...

What a superb portrait!

Ulla-Marie said...

Too much is never enough. / Ulla-Marie from Sweden

thelooksite said...

Coolest glasses ! And I'm in the business so I should know :) !