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Monday, October 31, 2011

Da wonder of DaWanda

Although I love traipsing off to visit Etsy shops and own my own in this virtual marketplace, I am always seeking new avenues of inspiration and visual pleasure. One of these is DaWanda which was founded by Claludia Helming and Michael Putz way back in 2006. 

It was close to Christmas and they had just been quizzing themselves on where to get unique gifts. Handmade seemed the best idea and although they tried to make their own presents, they wanted to see what other talented people were creating. DaWanda started off in earnest on December 3, 2006, so it is rapidly approaching its 5th anniversary. 

Knowing that DaWanda is an African woman's name meaning 'something extraordinary, unlike any other' fully explains why this special name was selected for this website where unique handmade and hard-to-find gifts are located.

The  second edition of the DaWanda 'Lovebook' has now been launched and offers a selection of the loveliest handmade Christmas gifts available in this marketplace. It is called 'Lovebook' because giving a gift is a way of showing your love. Choose from items created by over 110,000 designers at DaWanda.

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Sharon S said...

Hi my dear-sounds an amazing site, I will check it out!! xx