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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Brooch Bonanza

As winter creeps closer, we're all aiming to wear heavier jackets and coats with lapels large enough to hold all those brooches and pins which have been waiting patiently for the reason to exist. I mean, most pins and brooches are way too heavy to wear with the lightweight fabrics which spring and summer and often autumn clothes are made of. 

I especially love picking up vintage brooches and pins when these come my way and some of the prettiest I have handled have been pre-owned and well-respected. Sometimes, discovering a beautiful brooch which has lost its pin is dismaying but I tend to keep special ones which have been created with an eye-catching design. One never knows what use might be made of it.

Some of the loveliest pins and brooches to come my way have been passed on to others, some others are still waiting patiently for the right person to come along and make them her/his own.

Here is a Brooch Bonanza for you to enjoy...

Floral Brooch with Pearl available here

Hand-painted bone pin available here

Pink Rhinestone Brooch available here

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