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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Fruit Necklace and Carmen Miranda

In this autographed picture taken in 1930, a young Carmen Miranda (1909 – 1955) was just starting her career as the world's best known Samba singer and dancer. Born in Portugal, she grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After her singing talents were discovered, she moved on to become a superstar in her own right. She sang, danced, wowed the audiences, made movies until she died suddenly, barely 46 years old, after suffering a heart attack on stage. 

Recently I came across this pretty colourful vintage necklace, full of lovely stylised plastic fruits and leaves, and in great vintage shape - it instantly reminded me of Carmen Miranda's typically flamboyant and colourful Samba outfits. Her publicity pictures and all her movies portrayed her wearing  huge towering headdresses including luscious fruits. She soon became known as 'the lady in the tutti-frutti hat'. Many jewellery designers were keen to copy her style and fruit jewellery became all the rage, especially after Saks Avenue created a whole collection of Carmen Miranda inspired accessories. 

You can see her in action on the links I found for you. If you like the necklace, you will find out more about it here



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Sharon S said...

Hi there!! Thats a really vibrant cute necklace! Thanks for your comment on my hair, I very rarely wear it down and it needs trimming too, which is why it looks long in the fringe! I personally prefer it up, but when my son takes my photo, he nags me to put it down!!