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Friday, November 11, 2011

How do I...? Wendy Brandes on her Jewellery Creations

This is the first in this new FairyFiligree series entitled - How do I....? 
The chosen lady blogger, jewellery creator and wonderful person is 
Wendy Brandes.... 

Wendy Brandes was a finalist at the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award in February 2011. 
Photo by Eric Michelson for Fashion Group International

How is a WB design born?
WB. When I think of a great story that I can interpret in metal

What inspires you to design?
WB. I'm very inspired by the stories of important women of history. Queens, Empresses, legendary female popes. Some of them are obvious ones like Cleopatra. Others are perhaps more obscure, like the 7th century Empress Wu of China.

What is most important to your designs - style or practicality? 
WB. There's no use in making something beautiful if it's uncomfortable to wear. I put all my designs to the test.

How do you work with colour? 
WB. I like interesting color combinations, like my green (tsavorite) and purple (amethyst) Marie Antoinette ring.

Empress Wu Ring

How long does it take you to design a specific piece?  
WB. A simple piece, like a wedding band, might be done in less than two weeks. But complicated pieces have taken as long as a year. This post on my custom tiger ring will take you through the process better than I can here! http://wendybrandes.com/blog/2011/10/jewel-of-the-month-tiger-tiger-burning-bright/

Why jewellery? Why not fashionwear? 
WB. I like the permanence and timelessness of jewelry made from precious metals. When I see gold jewelry from ancient Egypt and Rome in museums, I feel like I'd be happy to wear it now. The other great thing about jewelry is that it's not dependent on body type, like clothes are. You can be any size or shape and find top-notch jewelry that works for you. If a ring or a necklace is too small or too big, I'll customize it for you. Simple as that.

What typifies WB jewellery? 
WB. Obsessive attention to detail.

How would you like to imagine the women who wear WB jewellery to be? What sort of personalities? 
WB. The women who wear my jewelry are ones who are brave enough to make a statement and attract attention. But they're not necessarily like that when I meet them! I find that -- without really trying -- I often persuade women to break out of a more conservative mold. 

Cleo Earrings

What has been the most successful WB jewellery creation so far? 
WB. In silver, my "swear rings" have been popular, and, in the gold category, my Clemence rings are always a big hit.

How many jewellery items do you design every year? How many in 2010 for instance? 
WB. Oh gosh. Twelve? Fifteen? It's kind of unpredictable.

Wendy Brandes Jewellery


WendyB said...

Thanks so much for interviewing me! It was fun.

Patti said...

Wonderful chat with a very talented designer, thank you!

Elizabeth said...

Great interview!

Sharon S said...

Hi my dear-a really fabulous interview, Wendy is such a wonderful lady and its great to be able to see her thought process behind her stunning jewellery line xx

Susan Tiner said...

I am one of the women Wendy helped to break out of my conservative mold :). I love my WendyB Cleopatra earrings!

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent interview madame ! Very thorough, and Wendy's green dress is a plus!

FairyFiligree said...

So glad you all enjoyed reading this interview with lovely Wendy - my aspiration is to meet her personally one day & see her jewellery at closer range!