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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More about Guerlain

Some time ago I wrote about the special Baccarat bottle for Guerlain which I saw displayed in the very special scent bottles exhibition I wrote about. One of you wrote back to me saying.....

"Hello, I was looking at your blog and saw your new post about perfume bottles. This is a funny coincidence  -  my grandmother worked all of her life for Guerlain. I am sending you a picture of an old document, she is pictured on it, the first lady at the bottom from the left......"

The document is all about the birth of a perfume with detailed images of the whole procedure. Isn't it interesting? Thank you for sharing this Nathalie.


Deborah said...

Adoro Baccarat! Ho visitato una volta le loro fabbriche! Molto molto chic soprattutto il binomio con Guerlain!

Fashionistable said...

What a fabulous story. It would have been great if you had transcribed the article was we could all have read it too. Is Natalie another blogger. If so a link back to her would have been good too. Xxxx

T. Eliza said...

Oh, I love Guerlain perfumes! Shalimar is a favorite of mine.


Bonjour Marika :)
This is an answer for Fashionistable who left a comment on your blog and wonders who I am.
I am Nathalie Hanna Bernhard, jewelry designer from Paris. My grand mother -on my mother's side- worked most of her life for Guerlain.
She only worn one perfume, Shalimar, so does my mother !
Guerlain factory was located in Courbevoie, just outside of Paris; they were making everything there, then a part of it moved near Chartres -make up, cremes etc-, while the perfumes stayed in Courbevoie. This factory still exists nowadays.
Happy Xmas to all of you !