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Monday, December 26, 2011

Style - Your Attitude makes it or breaks it

Writing about style. Blogging about style. Being stylish. Ok, so there one million bloggers (I haven't counted but it seems like it) out there, all harping on about style, being fashionable, being stylish, dressing glamorously, fabulously, lavishly, beautifully, ravishingly, stunningly. 

We all aspire to be just so, whatever we wear, whatever our budgets, whatever our life situation may be.

But we tend to forget one simple premise that must be observed if our stylishness is to be well appreciated and truly deserving of the word stylish.  


It our attitude that makes us get noticed and speaks louder than the clothes and accessories on our backs, hands, feet, head. It is that smile, that graciousness, that well-behaved attitude, that gentleness, that willingness to reach out. 

Have you ever thought about it when you're in front of the mirror, frowning at yourself, at the outfit you're trying out? Ok, so you're frustrated because you don't look exactly like that vision you imagined you could personify. You don't seem to be as perfect as what you expected to be. Nothing seems quite so right.....

Just stop. Turn your back to the mirror. Smile widely. Smile with your eyes... then turn back to look at the mirror and see the difference. The sour face is gone. The outfit might or might not look any better but your attitude will change it, lift it, transform it.

Just one smile can make all the difference and your style will shine through.

Incorporate a smile with every outfit you wear..... - try it out and see the difference it makes in your life.

Here is some inspiration....

"To be a great champion you must believe you are the best.. If you're not, pretend you are." 
Muhammad Ali 

"A man without a smiling face must not open a shop."
Chinese Proverb

“The magic is inside you. there ain't no crystal ball.” 
Dolly Parton

and another one from Dolly...

“Smile -- it increases your face value.” 

Big thanks to Theresa of trolleyla for these wonderful images which you can find in her charming Etsy shop.


Vanessa Mercado said...

superb post!!! very encouraging and inspirational... what you said is very true, if we won't believe that we can then we won't really go places... following you now..

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Ulla-Marie said...

Great images and a good attitude.

Anonymous said...


Ulla-Marie said...

I accidentally delete your comment, when it was my own I would remove (bad English)

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

I couldn't agree more! Attitude is everything. Ive seen a few bloggers with incredible style but a bad attitude. The attitude really does change the way the world sees them . Thank you for the comment- always happy to link swap!! :)

Ellie said...

I love this post! I know sometimes I forget to smile when taking outfit photos, and sometimes a smile can make all the difference. I'm loving your blog. I'm a new follower. Hope to hear from you soon!


trolleyla said...

So true! Style doesn't mean anything without a great attitude. It's amazing how much a smile and kindness are appreciated. It makes you feel good, too! Thank you for featuring my images on your thoughtful post.

Sharon S said...

Hi my dear! A lovely post and so inspirational too. Have a great week ahead xx

My Castle in Spain said...

Absolutely agree! Here's to a great stylish new year! :-)