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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dressed in Mosaic

I was impressed by the creativity behind these mosaic creations - dressed made so beautifully with pieces of broken china, pottery, glass, beads.... This is just one category of mosaic are created by Susan Wechsler. 

She was only 18, when she first created an artefact - an abstract painting on a downtown billboard in Cincinnati, Ohio. Later she trained in Theatre Design in NY, working as costume designer in New York City Theatre, in LA with the movie industry and eventually as designer for Esprit in San Francisco. It was during her years as costume designer that she fine-tuned her skills of using colour, pattern and texture, inspired by diverse cultures and history.

Susan went on to develop her mosaic skills to create masterpieces such as these. If you have ever tried your hand at composing a mosaic, you will appreciate how difficult it can get. And if you've never tried it, perhaps you'd love to attempt during one of Susan's workshops.

For those living in Europe, Susan will be in Cortona, a picturesque town, cultural and artistic centre in the region of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy, next May 2013. (Poster further down the page)

Find out more about this mosaic artist, her work and her workshops here.


chinagirl said...

thank you, I am honored to be featured in your post!

My Castle in Spain said...

wow...this is quite impressive !
I was reading your post below and I happen to follow Rose Callahan's blog...I like her taste for dandysm...too bad, it's « une esp├Ęce en voie de disparition »
sending you warm wishes from Spain

mispapelicos said...

Pure magic.
I want them all