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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Transformable Necklace

When my good friend jewellery designer and maker Nadege  told me about the Boomerang  I was quite impressed by the originality of her creation. I wasn't the only one apparently, considering that her inventive design recently  placed 3rd at the
WIPO Award for Creativity.
The concept is exceptionally dynamic and versatile. You have one fine piece of jewellery which you can combine with anything you favour from your accessories wardrobe. Get the curved shape made from sterling silver sheet and add to it a proposed attachment or scarf to create multiple wearable alternatives to satisfy your mood and outfit, whatever the occasion, whatever your age.
The simple detachability and attachability concept is quite fun and helps you avoid the 'stuck-in-a-rut' outfit everytime.
I thought it was a fun transformable item to have and know you will be quite curious to see more of it here.


Sharon S said...

Hi there! What a stylish concept, both of these look lovely! Regarding mixing red shades, it could work, I suppose you have to try and see, there are so many different shades xx

the nyanzi report said...

absolutely beautiful and fabulous!