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Monday, December 12, 2011

Get your mom a plastic spoon

Aren't these flowers simply divine? I found out this Happy Bouquet by Joy StClaire and was struck by the delicacy of the image. It got me thinking about the beauty of the simple things in life, such as these flowers - the perfect gift for anybody, at any time of the year. And at a time such as this when the rush to buy the perfect Christmas gift is in full swing, it makes sense to stop and think about this. I mean, you can get your mom a plastic spoon but will it move her the way a bouquet of flowers would?
In the language of flowers, pink roses signify perfect happiness. But you needn't have to research a flower and its meaning to create a pretty little homage to a good friend now, do you? 


Olivia StClaire said...

This is such a beautiful post & sentiment! Thanks so much for including me here! xo

Frollein von Sofa said...

hey, my old blog friend ! of course you can use my pictures ! thanks so much for sharing !
best, frollein