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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How to buy from Ebay

- Part 2
Last time, I explained what ebay is and how to start finding your way into this fantastic buying adventure. Many Fairyfiligree followers wrote back to comment and I enjoyed the feedback because as an ebayer of many years, I have often found it helpful to read other ebayers' hints on how to ebay safely & happily. Part 2 is about the sellers and advices on how to start buying. So.... who is doing the selling?

As a would-be shopper, you should know that basically whatever is on sale on ebay is placed there by two categories of sellers. Somebody who is trying to clear up their garage, or somebody who is professionally selling through eBay and making a business of it. Both categories can provide you with a good bargain to boast of, or a rip-off to break your bank. This is fundamentally an auction and you have to know the rules, including those belonging to the realm of self-control.

Be patient and don’t plunge into buying mode from day one. Before making a purchase, you should research to find out the best offers, bargains, sellers, products in the category you’re eyeing. Don’t be rushed into buying something just because its auction is closing in 10 minutes. Don’t panic. There will be plenty more of the same or even better, every other minute, every other day, week, month.
Sales are made through auction which bring in bidders who can raise prices ferociously throughout, or watch the listing and only bid at the last minute. Some listings offer a ‘Buy it Now’ option, meaning you can agree to the requested price and buy immediately.

If you see something you like, click on the title or image and check the listing. You will get the chance to ‘meet’ the seller, see his/her eBay name, rating, location. It is important to check the number and star colour attached to the eBayer’s name as this indicates the number of transactions made so far, and the percentage below will indicate the positive transactions to his/her credit. This will help you gauge how reliable, seasoned, and popular the seller is. eBay keeps tabs on who is performing well by abiding with eBay regulations of ethical behaviour and does manage to keep control over its members through the feedback system which allows potential buyers to see what other buyers had to say about sellers. Too much negative feedback will get an unreliable buyer or seller barred from making transactions.

Check out the actual item on sale. You get to know the amount of the current bid, the shipping costs, whether the seller sells to European buyers or perhaps uniquely to North and South Americans. Go further down and view the images, read the product description and skim down to check on payment details.

Cash & Carry

Payment details must be examined well. Most eBayers prefer buyers to pay with Paypal which is an account-based system that allows anybody possessing an email address to securely send and receive online payments using their credit card or bank account. It is easy, practical and fast. As an eBayer you will find it simplifies the process and eliminates the hassle of using payment methods which are not universally acceptable. Moreover, you will in time realize that a listing not accepting Paypal usually does not get a lot of bidders, which might mean it’s all to your advantage, in the long run.

In the final part of this series about ebay buying, I'll be explaining about choosing your preferred item, watching it, and eventually buying. Enjoy!

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