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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Ivory Lace Bolero made on vintage design

The Bolero was an item of clothing which became very popular during the 1950s. It was not used just during the 1950s and not just to complement 1950s dresses.  The name derives from the very old and traditional Spanish dance Bolero and the jacket was typically worn by Bolero dancers during their performance.

1950s ensemble for summer wardrobe knitting pattern

The bolero was also a popular garment during Victorian and Edwardian times.
It was a very effective garment to use with short sleeved dresses when going to church and became a penchant in girls' and ladies' Sunday best outfit. The bolero also asserted its importance in the traditional wedding gown outfit so ladies who wanted to look stunningly provocative in their wedding dress, could do so after shaking off that bolero which was put on just to please the priest.
It was also perfect for wearing in spring time or early autumn to cover bare shoulders and arms.
Recently we had a high street re-make of this garment with the very popular and cute little shrug but don't believe for one moment that the shrug is a modern invention.
I picked out some pretty boleros for your consideration, whether you are experiencing spring or autumn, wherever you might be living. It's an excellent option for light layering, easy to carry around and tuck away in your bag. Choose a colour that fits in with just about any outfit and you're all set to go.

For the images in this post I would like to thank these Etsy sellers: bonjourteaspoon's , jill2day & maryandangelika. Thank you ladies. 


Francy said...

Great post! I always loved the bolero-dress look. It always seems so elegant.

jill said...

Great srticle... I love the antique bolero!! Jill

Unknown said...

oh I have always loved the bolero!!! what a wonderful jacket!!!