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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Madame Mon Amour

Madame Moitessier was probably Ingres' most favourite sitter and surely she's mine too. Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres (1789-1867) was one of the Neo-Classical painters of France. he painted Madame Moitessier several times. This painting was made in 1851 and is an oil on canvas found at the National Gallery of Art, Washington.
Take a look at the other paintings of this lady by Ingres....

Marie-Clotilde-Inès de Foucauld was born in 1821 and married to  a wealthy banker, in 1842.

I love these paintings because of the rich dresses and accessories Madame is wearing. I just adore 19th Century jewellery, especially the bracelets which the ladies wore in pairs or more on each wrist. I was lucky to have the opportunity to visit the National Gallery and see the second painting up close and the finish to the oil paint is amazing. She could very well walk out of the picture and sigh.

What do you think of this fashion? These glorious clothes & beautiful jewels?

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Sharon S said...

Hi there-stunning indeed, they are certainly beautiful works of art!!